Ofsted Inspections


Primary School:

"Amy Johnson Primary is a good school which has improved considerably since its last inspection. Pupils get an effective start to their education, making good progress and achieving well throughout the school. Parents and carers are happy with the school and what it offers their children. One parent said, ‘I am very pleased with how the school has improved over the last four years.’ Another commented, ‘The teaching staff have been fantastic with my son, involving me in his learning so I can help at home.’"

"Pupils like coming to school, and this is evident in their improved attendance. They behave well in class and around the school. Their behaviour in lessons is sometimes outstanding, particularly in older age group classes where pupils are often motivated and absorbed by their activities."
Ofsted - 10th December 2010 - Click here for Ofsted web site.

Day Nursery:

"Children's needs are very well met and their learning and developmental needs very well supported, which helps them make good progress. All children are valued and warm and trusting relationships are fostered, therefore enabling children to feel safe and secure. Inclusive practice is very effectively promoted throughout, ensuring children are included at their own personal developmental level, enabling them to fully participate in all activities.

Excellent partnerships with parents and a good knowledge of each child's needs mean that staff provide children with appropriate support. Effective systems are in place to monitor and review the service, which ensures that the provision is responsive to the needs of all of its users. The ongoing self-evaluation of the provision incorporates the views of staff and parents. The setting has a high capacity to maintain continuous improvement and staff regularly attend training as part of their commitment to improving outcomes for children."
Ofsted - October 2009 - Click here for Ofsted web site.